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Determining which Carlisle system to install depends on a variety of conditions, but few are more important than your local climate. While all Carlisle roof systems perform admirably in virtually all weather conditions, certain systems are better equipped than others for specific climates. Offering the widest variety of roofing systems, Carlisle SynTec can provide a roofi ng solution that will meet your needs as the best system for your building.

Warranted Peace of Mind
With Carlisle, you can rest assured that you will have the best warranty protection possible. With warranties covering the repair of leaks from a variety of causes (including hail up to two inches and wind of up to 120 mph) and offering terms of up to 30 years, you can feel confi dent that your building is protected long term against an unlikely failure. You may even choose warranty options that protect against accidental puncture. The warranty process begins with a comprehensive inspection by a Carlisle fi eld service representative, providing the building owner with even greater confi dence that the roof was installed fl awlessly.

EPDM Roofing Systems:

Carlisle’s signature roof system, Sure-Seal® EPDM, has established 50 years of excellence. Its reputation of low maintenance and top-notch weathering characteristics makes it the ideal roofi ng option for many climates. In northern climates especially, the original black color of our Sure-Seal membrane attracts the sun’s solar energy, leading to signifi cant reductions in heating costs during the winter months. The EPDM membrane may also help melt snow that can pile up on your roof and lead to potential structural damage if not removed in a timely manner.

Sure-White™ EPDM roof systems combine the consistent high performance of Carlisle’s EPDM with the numerous benefi ts of refl ective roofi ng membranes. Substantial savings in air conditioning costs is one of the many reasons Sure-White EPDM roof systems deliver an exceptional choice for buildings in southern climates.

Sure-Seal EPDM roof systems offer easy installation and require no special tools or complex equipment. With innovations such as Factory-Applied Tape™ (FAT), where seam tape is applied to the membrane in the factory, and pressure sensitive accessories, the installation of a Sure-Seal EPDM system has never been easier and more efficient.


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