Firestone EPDM

Even more important than the documented twenty plus years of service is the fact that Firestone RubberGard EPDM is backed by a company with a one hundred year history. Since its beginnings in 1900 up to the present day, Firestone has served its customers with rubber products designed to perform and endure. In fact, endurance is the fundamental characteristic of both RubberGard EPDM and the company that backs it. That’s why, when it comes to roofing, only Firestone can say “Nobody Covers You Better.”

Since its introduction in 1980, Firestone's RubberGard™ EPDM Roof System has dominated the single-ply roofing market through its proven performance, durability and flexibility over a wide range of building types.

The RubberGard EPDM system has delivered more than three decades of commercial roofing success by building upon a heritage of innovation in rubber polymer technology. The versatile membrane offers a variety of installation options including fully adhered, ballasted or mechanically attached that deliver superior long-term weatherability and exhibit exceptional wind uplift resistance.


Firestone EPDM

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