Hand Nailing vs. Nail Guns

The Argument Rages On:

Whether to nail shingles by hand or using a nail gun is an argument that has been raging amongst roofing contractors for as long as nail guns have existed. There are an extensive number of contractors on both sides and they all have good points.

First Things First:

Be aware that both options are approved by all shingle manufacturers and that the truth is that it comes down to preference of the contractor. Using one method over another will not void your warranty as long as your roof is installed properly.

Hand Nailing:

Hand nailing proponents argue that the only proper way to maintain consistency and accuracy is to hammer each nail by hand and is the mark of a true craftsman. Hand nailing slows the process a bit, but an accurate hand-nailer will ensure that each nail is in the correct place and not under or over-driven.

Nail Guns:

Modern nail guns maintain the accuracy of depth as long as the equipment is kept up to date and maintained properly. Nail guns also increase productivity and allow more of your roof to be completed in a day. A quality roofing contractor who cares about their customers will ensure that their equipment is in top shape and ready to handle any project thrown at them.

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