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Gerard Stone Coated Steel metal roofing tiles are an investment above the rest, and offer the best of all worlds in metal roofing options, delivering the strength and longevity of metal roofing, and the beauty and style of various profiles from wood shake and Spanish tile, to architectural shingles and or our Classic TileTM.  We offer the best stone coated steel metal roofing systems - better than any other roofing material you can buy, and 50 years from now, your Gerard stone coated steel metal roof will look and function in exactly the same way as the day they were installed. At the very minimum, that is our guarantee!  Our stone coated steel metal roofing products offer you peace of mind by delivering the best protection from the elements, and your hard earned money !  

Not sure if a stone coated steel metal roof is right for your home? Just look at the many benefits of Gerard's stone coated steel metal roofing tiles:

  • Saving your moneyThough the initial cost of installing a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof may be more than some other available roofing materials, consider that the average homeowner replaces and repairs their roof more than 3 times in a lifetime.  By choosing a Gerard Metal Roof the first time, you will not only save a lot of money in future repair / replacement costs,  reduced insurance premiums in most states, and likely reduction in utility bills,  but you will also enjoy a higher property resale value - much higher, as your roof replacement cost is usually one of the biggest negotiation points of a home sale. Saving money however is only one of the many benefits you will enjoy from a Gerard stone coated steel metal roof ! 
  • Light weight: Our stone coated steel metal roofing weighs only 1.5 pounds per square foot making it one of the safest roofs in seismic regions and a great alternative to the heavy clay and concrete tile options which weigh as much as 15 pounds  per square foot!  The difference between using Gerards stone coated steel metal roofing over concrete or clay roofing products results in almost 10 times less weight pushing down on your homes structure ! 
  • A Dry Under-deck Roofing System: When installed as designed, Gerard's stone coated steel metal roof tiles are a dry under-deck roofing system - unlike shingles, or conventional cement and porcelain tile, which all rely on a moisture barrier underlayment to be placed under the tile. This moisture barrier underlayment is usually tar paper, which over time, will dry , crack and be breached by moisture, forcing you to change your roof covering.
  • Most Durable: Gerard stone coated steel metal roofing is designed and built to withstand the harshest of elements for a minimum of 50 years - guaranteed. We don't spare expenses and we don't cut corners. Gerard stone coated steel metal roofing is made from 3/16 galvalume coated steel -  the most durable roofing material available. Combine this with our highly durable baked on petroleum base coat, reflective & decorative stone coatings, and best UV rated acrylic finishes, and you have a material that  will never rot, crack, warp or break - at least not in ones lifetime.  This classic look of a Gerard stone coated steel metal roof will stand the test of time and will always look beautiful.
  • Energy efficient no matter the color. Stone coated steel tiles offer more diversity when it comes to installation of metal roofing systems. With Gerard's metal roof tiles, customers have the option of Direct to Deck,  Batten installation ,or counter batten installation. Using the Counter Batten installation method, you will create 3" of highly ventilated air space between the roof tile and deck, which is highly efficient in both hot and cold climates.


Gerard Metal Brochure

Gerard Metal Brochure

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