Roofing Around Equipment

Roofing Around Rooftop Equipment:

If your building has rooftop equipment such as HVAC units or other mechanical items, you should only trust your roof to a trained professional. Rooftop equipment requires special skills to roof around properly, and in most cases, leaks on these roofs are caused by improper flashing of equipment.

Fully Qualified:

Your roof is probably not going to throw anything at us that we haven't seen before, and we will quickly develop a plan to roof around or under any equipment that may reside on your roof. We have access to the equipment that will be needed to effectively move or lift equipment so that the roof installation can be completed properly.

We May Need a Crane:

In some cases, very large rooftop equipment may need to be lifted and moved out of the way in order to properly install your new roof, or repair a leak. In this case we will work with a crane company to plan to have the on-site to safely lift the equipment out of the way, then put it back in place when that portion of the roof is completed. As every scenario is different, we will need to see the project, so call us today to find out all that we can offer.


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